Building a Better Block

Team Better Block engages communities by planning and orchestrating short-term local events to temporarily improve the physical and economic environment on a specific city block. Through participatory workshops, the team helps the community generate ideas about how to build on their city’s assets to improve public space. Better Block workshops encourage community members to physically make things and place them in their shared environment. Communities build powerful connections around the shared experience of “making” a vision for the future together.

︎ Pittsfield Better Block︎ Columbia Avenue Better Block

Public Space Design & Activation

We come up with creative solutions for underused interior and exterior spaces. Our expertise covers both temporary use and more long-term solutions for repurposing spaces. We analyze existing usage patterns, urban trends, and activity potential to design vibrant public spaces. We offer expertise in four-season programming, including wintertime attractions. We work with our clients to create programming models for all types of public spaces.

︎ Haverhill Better Block︎ Better Malls, Better Suburbia

Street Infraculture

Combining experience from practice, with observations and ideas developed in theory, we are building up a comprehensive knowledge of traffic calming methods. We do demonstrations with innovative traffic products to reflect changes in travel speeds and an increase in pedestrian safety. Based on these findings, the proposed changes can be made permanent with permanent, high quality materials. We provide reports with guidelines, data, and best practices.

︎ Linwood Better Block

Autonomous Urbanism

The future of transportation is here— and it’s our job to shape it. Team Better Block is excited to explore how new technologies could advance safety, public life, and sustainability in our cities. We can provide you with a vision for city streets in the automated future that are designed for people. We're partnering with entrepreneurs, advocates, urbanists, and creative thinkers to plan and implement programs, pilot projects, and services that support autonomous urbanism in different cities. 

Do you have an idea for applying new technologies to our streetscape?