July 15th, 2020
Team Better Block powered by WGI is up to the challenge of promoting community culture and identity, expanding public space activation for everyone, beginning each project by meeting and understanding the community, and providing an innovative approach rather than the cut and paste “best practices”.

The power in Team Better Block powered by WGI encompasses an ability to fuse pop-ups + civil engineering to transform ideas to action. Today more than ever, we need to adapt our cities to new realities.

Whether we are adapting public spaces to changes brought on by COVID-19 or adjusting development patterns to be more equitable, we are prepared. Andrew Howard, as Director of Placemaking, is already exercising the deep talent pool at WGI to carry out Quick Build projects.

In Norfolk for example, the expanded talent is already paying off with the recent approval of traffic control plans and improvements scheduled to take place shortly after.

Quick Build projects are perfect for C.A.R.E.S. Act cities who are promulgating to assist in the recovery and retention of businesses. To date, over 30,00 sq ft of cafes have been built in Norfolk to provide outdoor dining as a rapid response to COVID-19.

WGI designers, marketing, and mobility associates got involved with a mural and crosswalk in Farmers Branch, Texas that is designed to give hope to the community for the recovery form COVID-19.

Team Better Block powered by WGI will also mean an increasing pace in the approval process for your city. “In a matter of days since joining WGI, I have built connections with traffic, roadway, civil and landscape professionals, and have begun integrating their expertise into Better Block Projects,” Andrew says.

Team Better Block powered by WGI means change just got a lot easier for your city. 

All bases are covered from public outreach to public works. Contact our team and let us be your change agents to meet the demands of tomorrow.