The Salt Lake City Spin Space

September 6th, 2019

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Small mobility vehicles are beginning to have a larger presence on our streets today, so the adaptation of our current infrastructure to accommodate more of these vehicles must follow suit. Salt Lake City, Utah has an impressive existing bike network, but moving forward, it’s important for this network to expand to potentially consider accomodation of new types of vehicles, especially scooters. Spin Scooter Company is especially aware of this, and has a mission to work with cities to adapt their infrastructure to improve the safety and quality of the scooter-user’s experience.

As a partnership between Spin Scooters, Salt Lake City, Bike Utah, and Team Better Block, a unique design for an intersection well-used by micromobility vehicles was transformed into a space that not only enhances the safety of all users, but also adds a source of pride and identity to the surrounding community. Between September 4th and 7th, the intersection was transformed with the help of some paint, plants, and community volunteers helping to shape the future of their neighborhood. An active public plaza popped up in the adjacent park, scooters and bicycles zoomed by in newly redesigned bike lanes, and the Spin Space took off as a new way to combine public and private interest through the design of better community spaces.

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