Proposal, 2017 
IFor NYCx’s Nighttime challenge, Project EATS and Team Better Block partnered to create a small, public space with open and enclosed areas that will light up the night, and engage visitors in different activities and experiences that both expand and deepen relationships to food, their health, and life in their Brownsville community. Centered around the theme of “art, food, life,” “NightEATS” will be located at the Osborn Plaza, and have 2 central areas: a 2nd story boxsize agricultural farm, utilizing LED grow lights to illuminate the pavillion while producing nutritious, chemical fre produce and growing a selection of neighborhood appropriate crops, as well as a 1st story gathering space where activities and workshops will occur. Food activities will include a twice weekly nighttime Farm Stand, and may also include a Food Farmacy, popup cafe with food events, and cooking demonstrations, Life activities will focus on physical, social, and emotional health through an abbreviated version of Project EATS’ farm training curriculum, as well as group activities and presentations on topics concerning self and community care. Still and moving images and sound will comprise the art component of the Night EATS, and will be visible on the sid of the structure to people who pass by and those who come to participate in activities and experience the art. With its uncommon structure, flexible functionality, and range of activities, NightEATS will further ideas and discussion about public spacemaking and its role and impact in urban communities.

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