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Team Better Block, Powered by WGI            

Team Better Block powered by WGI means change just got a lot easier for your city. Learn how in our latest post.

A Decade of Team Better Block            

Team Better Block has officially reached a full decade of placemaking! Check out our ten-year recap here.

Pop-Up Placemaking Tool Kit            

Team Better Block recently partnered with AARP Livable Communities to develop The AARP Pop-Up Placemaking Toolkit, a document created to help communities take advantage of placemaking opportunities. Download the document here.

AARP Placemaking Conference           

Team Better Block put on a pop-up placemaking demonstration as part of the AARP Placemaking Workshop earlier this November. Read more about the demonstration and collaboration with AARP here.

Matchmaking for Modern-Day Mobility          

Our latest micromobility infrastructure project was a great success because of the collaboration that took place amongst all of our partners. Read more and watch the video that tells the story here.

A Case for Colorful Crosswalks           

Community-driven painted crosswalk interventions have made national news this week. Do you have a story about experimenting and adding character to your community’s crosswalks? Were you told that color is not allowed? Read more and share your story here.

Authentic Form and Function Podcast Feature           

Andrew Howard was featured this week on the Authentic Form and Function Podcast. Read more about his experiences on our blog or listen to the podcast.

Where We Live (2018 Edition)           

Our work is highlighted in the 2018 edition of Where We Live: Communities for All Ages — 100+ Inspiring Examples from America's Local Leaders. It features more than 200 articles and photographs of inspiring programs, people and places throughout the United States.

Follow this link to learn how to get your free copy of Where We Live.