Our partnership with AARP brings big change with small projects around the country. These documents offer advice for planning and applying for a permit, and walks you through how to install a successful project.


How to get started?

You don’t know where to start? Our design sheet will help you think about fundamentals of building better block and gather your ideas for outreach. Use this sheet as a starting point and then dive deeper into each section.

︎ Design Sheet


How to choose your location for a Better Block?

Through years of building better blocks, we’ve created a quick survey that helps us identify strong candidates But, it’s still possible to build better blocks that fails to meet criteria identified in the survey. Remember! The project will only be as successful as the community you partner with.

︎ Location Survey


Permit Guide

Although Better Blocks are temporary, you will still need to apply for permits. But don’t be afraid! We brought together a guideline that is created from existing codes, ordinances, and laws on the national, state, and city level.  Before submitting your application, use this document to help you determine how long the approval process may take.

︎ Permit Matrix


Better Block Recipes & Surveys

Our recipes will help you choose the right materials for temporary interventions. Using a flexible palette of materials, you can adapt them based on local needs and challenges. 

︎ Recipes

Whatever you demonstrate, evaluation is crucial. We use variety of data measurement techniques to illustrate the impact of our projects. Most importantly, we gather feedback from the participants to hear more about their thoughts. 

︎ Surveys
︎ Workshop Comment Cards


Better Block Best Practices 

Better Block Reports illustrates each step of the process through photos, testimonials and data visualizations. It also includes recommendations for the next steps after the event.

︎ 2017 Best Practices

︎ 2018 Best Practices  (Coming Soon)