Our partnership with AARP brings big change with small projects around the country. Here is what we have accomplished thus far:


AARP Community
Challenge 2017

Documentation is huge part of our work. We use drone and on-site footage to capture the impact of our projects.

︎Columbia Avenue Better Block︎Linwood Avenue Better Block︎Fruit Belt Better Block︎ Bethel Better Block


Reports from the
first year

Better Block Reports illustrates each step of the process through photos, testimonials and data visualizations. It also includes recommendations for the next steps after the event.

︎ 2017 Community Challenge Final Report

(You can also purchase the hard copy from this link)

︎ Columbia Avenue Better Block Post-Event Report︎ Fruit Belt Better Block Concept Plan︎ Linwood Better Block Post-Event Report


Better Block

The Digital Better Block Portal is the website for digital resource distribution and assistance. Through the portal, participants will have access to program specific information such as surveys, data collection tools, design exercise sheets, recipes etc. The portal merges text, videos, photos, documents, data, maps, assessments, and custom interactions, empowering participant to problemsolve and prepare for on the ground decisionmaking for each step of the process. 

︎ Beta Portal


Better Block

As part of the 2017 AARP Livable Communities National Conference, we have conducted a two-day training that focused on these areas:

• Community outreach assistance
• Site Surveying
• Meeting with city and obtaining permits
• Designing and creating site plans
• Build Workshops
• Type and size of demonstration
• Length of demonstrations
• Data collection and analysis
• Transportation assistance
• Grant opportunities
We are refining our curriculum and guides based on feedback
from the 2017 Dallas Workshop and better align them
with the Livable Communities framework.

︎ Workshop Images

︎ 2018 Curriculum