How do we quickly, affordably, and safely convert 20th century, car-dominated, and unsafe streets into people-oriented 21st century streets? We need your help!


Left two images by PeopleForBikes, Second from Right image by Team Better Block featuring Saris Wave Delineators, Right image by Paul Kruger


Join us in designing the streets of the future! The “Better Mobility Lane” challenge invites teams or individuals with experience in design, tech, and/or the everyday familiarity with using a micromobility vehicle (bike, scooter, skateboard, wheelchair, etc.) on urban streets to develop ideas for a product that will physically protect mobility lane users, but that is also simple, affordable, low-maintenance, and visually attractive.
See the Share Your Idea section below for submission specifics.

The winning design will be fabricated by Team Better Block, and installed in future projects around the country.  





To meet the growing desire and need to reallocate street space for scooters, bikes, skateboards, wheelchairs, and other micromobility vehicles, elements of physical protection as a buffer from moving traffic need to be considered.

Today, most cities borrow traffic control devices used on highways to create physical buffers, causing road users to find mobility lanes unattractive and confusing...(mobility lane, or construction zone?).

Additionally, many of the elements used as physical buffers are perceived to be high maintenance... 

and unattractive...

We need your help to come up with a better solution that works for all road users!


To be competitive in this challenge, your buffer design must fulfill the following requirements:
-Final production costs less than $10 per foot
-A continuous physical buffer
-Aesthetically pleasing
-Low Maintenance
-Little to no engineering/design needed on site to install

Bonus: While the following characteristics are not required in your design, including any of the following will give your design a competitive edge.
- Able to be produced sustainably
- Makes use of recycled/upcycled
- Has embedded technology to collect roadway data

To share your idea, please submit one pdf (8.5”x11”) of the following documents by clicking the “submit your idea” button below:
  • Description of your delineator concept (1 page)
  • List of materials included in your design (1 page)
  • Cost estimate per delineator unit (1 page)
  • Dimensioned diagram of delineator unit (1 page)
  • Sketches, drawings, or digital renderings of your delineator design in the context of a mobility lane. (Quality of rendering not considered in overall score of delineator design. This is just to understand how you see your design functioning in the environment.) (up to 3 pages)

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