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The Saint Paul Better Block will happen on June 8th from 3pm to 8pm on East 7th Street @ Margaret and Arcade Streets. The Better Block builds on the “Make it Happen” initiatives of the Dayton’s Bluff Community Council and will illustrate the City of Saint Paul’s Street Design Manual by temporarily transforming the block into a complete street, with walkable and bikeable attributes and pop-up businesses.

East Seventh will be open to traffic and transformed into a safe place to walk, bike and catch transit. Margaret Street will be open only to pedestrians for the day and re-purposed into a plaza, market and be filled with activities for all ages. The community will gather on June 6th and 7th to build the better block together. All residents from the Twin cities are welcome to attend, see details below and volunteer by hitting the red button to the right.

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June 6 Pre-Build Workshop 5 to 10pm 798 East 7th Street

June 7 Pre-Build Workshop 5 to 10pm 798 East 7th Street

June 8 Better Block Set-up 7am to 2pm 798 East 7th Street

June 8 Better Block 3 to 8pm 798 East 7th Street

Call for Artist

Better Block is your opportunity to try out an idea you have for public art. Check out pictures from our past projects HERE. We have access to walls for murals, over 70 bicycle rims and many other spaces for public art. Think of this as a 48 hour design challenge for public art. Check out the 72 hour design challenge we did last year, here. During the pre-build we will have access to a fully functional workshop with welder, wood working tools and plenty of space to work.

If you have an idea for a mural, sculpture or other public art piece please email Andrew@teambetterblock.com,


Team Better Block is proud to partner with Dayton’s Bluff Community Council to conduct the Saint Paul Better Block. The following schedule will guide the project:

What Does Team Better Block Do?
Team Better Block works with communities to temporarily re-engineer and re-program streets into complete ones. Over a weekend our team and local residents, property owners, and volunteers create a demonstration of a vibrant block.

Why Are Team Better Block’s Temporary Rapid Revitalization Projects Important?
The Better Block approach has been used in over forty cities, from California to New York, to illustrate rapid street changes and community revitalization. These cities have reported greater understanding and urgency by elected officials, leaders, and citizens for permanent change.

Where Is The Project Being Conducted?
Team Better Block is contracted by the City of Saint Paul as part of the Complete Street Design Manual project. The City was awarded a TIGER II planning grant from the US Department of Transportation to develop a Complete Streets Plan. The plan focuses on creating tools for complete streets implementation. The Better Block allows the City to test complete street designs and the community to tryout bicycle and pedestrian improvements before major construction projects are undertaken.

The first Saint Paul Better Block will be held in the Dayton Bluff’s Community Council Area on East 7th Street between Margaret and Arcade.

What Can I Do To Help?
The Better Block is an opportunity for you to demonstrate a vision for your community and motivate change rapidly. Get Involved! Ever wanted to paint a bike lane, run a coffee shop or build a plaza? All Saint Paul residents are invited; you don’t have to live in the council area to participate. Sign-up today http://teambetterblock.com/saintpaul/volunteer-form/

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