Build a Better Block Schedule

Team Better Block is proud to partner with Kendall Whittier Main Street to conduct the OK Main Street Program Manager/Volunteer Training. The following schedule will guide the project:


1pm-2pm Introduction to Better Block Approach to Urban Revitalization  – Andrew Howard – Conference Hotel

2pm-3pm  Discussion of Reading Assignments – Wanda Dye – Conference Hotel

3pm-4pm  Overview project and background on Kendall-Whittier – Andrew Howard and Main Street Director – Conference Hotel

4pm-5pm Better Block Public and Private Space Survey – Circle Theater

5pm – 6pm Team Assignments and Tasks – Circle Theater


9am – 4pm Better Block Build Out – Circle Theater

 4pm – 10 pm Better Block – Kendal Whittier


9am – 10am Better Block Post Production – Conference Hotel

10 am – 11am Better Block Implementation and Application to Your Town – Conference Hotel




 City Comforts, David Sucher

 Tactical Urbanism, Mike Lydon


Stop Planning, Start Acting Jason Roberts

August 2012 Architect Magazine


Workshop attire and needs:

Close toed shoes, work gloves, basic tools (hammer, saw and screwdriver electric)

The class will be broken into a series of teams, choose yours now to get a leg-up! Email with your team request. Feel free to coordinate with friends and create a team!


 Street Team: Focus on complete street, right sizing, bicycle and pedestrian amenities for the block. Learn how to talk to engineers and win. We will transform Lewis Street in Tulsa from a four lane auto-dominated street into a two lane main street with back-in angled parking, bike lanes, cross-walks, cafes and lighting. Volunteer needs; you may specify more than one task to accomplish:

1-      Designer, ability to work with CADD and/or photoshop

4-      Number cruncher, nothing is worth doing unless you measure it! Speed study, pedestrian and bicycle counts and other livability indicators will be tracked before and during the better block.

10-    Streetscape doer, the ability to lift 50 pounds is a must for street re-invention. You will get a hands-on    education in street improvements from collecting, mobilizing to installing cross walks, lighting, planters and café furniture. You will learn how their placement influences placemaking and effects business.

5         Landscape doer, We borrow and we borrow well. We will need to acquire plants from local nurseries to use for the day, place them and keep them alive!

20 spaces available


 Pop-Up Team: Always wanted to start that small business or have a friend or family member that talks about the flower shop they always wanted to own? This is the time to try it out! We will have a crowd of folks wanting to see the better block and they will bring a wallet. We have access to five great vacant shops and we want to fill them with:

Flower shop, coffee shop, book store, music house, gift shop, you name it! Bring your ideas. 20 people needed.


 Marketing and Documentation: We need to get people to the better block to show them what a revitalized main street is and we need to document the event well to spread the news later.

1 Outreach Manager

2 Photographers and videographers

1 web manager

1 copy editor

1 Reporter/writer

6 spaces available


 Signage and Wayfiding: What am I looking at and where do I go? We need folks that have graphic capabilities to create signage and wayfinding for the better block and the surrounding community.

4 Graphics, production and installation